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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cowgirls, Reversed at Times squer (Pic Of The Day)

[Times Square got all country-western today—including this pair doing the, um, "Boot Scootin' Boogie"—as a Professional Bull Riders competition was held in the middle of Manhattan. Another photo of bull riding on Broadway below. Yee-Haw!]

Just by the set of his arm, I can tell that that is the great J.B. Mauny *2 bullrider in the world. He's amazing.
By the way,the bulls in this sport are treated like royalty and live to ripe old ages, usually they are retired to live outside the rest of their lives as ranch mascots or family pets,,(unlike most bulls who go straight to market as calves for veal or a bit later as steak).
A "ride" is 8 seconds long,and usually a bull works, at most, 2 rides per event. There are strict veterinary and humane rules for treatment of the bulls who are considered "animal athletes". Spurs are filed smooth so bulls won't even get scratched during a ride, and the rope on the flank has to be far enough ahead so it doesn't irritate the bull's genitals. They even have chiropractors who travel with them! My favorite bull gets a huge helping of waffles on his way home from each even.

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